Top Online Horse Betting Sites

Horse RacingWhile change typically occurs fairly slowly in sports with a lot of tradition like horse racing, one area that has seen rapid growth in the past few years is the way that horse racing fans wager. In the past 10 years or so, online wagering has exploded and all the most popular internet wagering platforms now offer a racebook. With strong competition between the various books, horseplayers benefit through special promotions, sign-up bonuses and cash back offers adding to your bottom-line betting profit.

Online Racebooks for Arizona Betting

In trying to find the right betting platform to fit your wagering strategy, sorting through the dozens of available online horse racing sites can be a tall task. We've taken some of the work off your hands, with our reviews and recommendations of the best books on the Web.

* REMINDER! - you must be of legal age in your state or province to legally wager on thoroughbred or harness horse racing. Please bet responsibly!

What separates the great racebooks from the good ones?

These days, many online racebooks offer their clients similar features - rebates, bonuses, mobile betting platforms - but some of them stand out because they seem to focus on the horseplayer exclusively as a different type of client than just the regular sports bettor. The sites that cater to race fans go beyond the basics, to provide things such as handicapping tips, in-depth analysis of major races, and future betting on big events.

Another way to tell how much a certain wagering site values the raceplayer is in the types of bonuses that are offered, and if they are equal to (or even better) that what the site offers people who are betting on other sports or playing casino games.

How does cash back work and why is it offered?

We'll take this in the opposite order. Cash back is one of the most important ways an online racebook can attract racing handicappers, simply because a cash back offer essentially increases the payout to the bettor beyond what the track odds might pay on a winning bet.

Generally with cash back programs, a percentage of total wagers is returned to the account to be used on future wagers, with a standard rollover of the amount required before it can be withdrawn. For example, if a site offers daily cash back of 5% on wagers, if you bet $100 on a certain day, $5 will be returned to your account at some point within 24 hors of making the bet, whether the bet wins or loses. That $5 must then be bet - or rolled over - a certain number of times before it can be taken form the account as profit. Some racebooks offer different cash back percentages for straight wagers or exotics, while some simply offer one rate on all bets.